A Lucky Find

IMG_2573Some days of #OneGoodThing are easier than others. Today, it was a lucky find.

It started when I woke with a terrible crick in my neck. Nothing seemed to make it any better. Then I remembered a great therapeutic neck warmer, which I used to use on neck strain after spending too much time staring at a computer screen at work. The problem was that I couldn’t find it and wasn’t sure if it had survived the purge from when we last moved.

I decided to brave the mess of the garage and hunt for it because I really loved this particular neck warmer. It’s soft, easy to heat in the microwave, and the weight of the natural grains inside felt great pressing down my shoulders — as if in an attempt to detach my shoulders from my ears. Plus, I enjoyed the aromatherapy of the lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and more inside!

When I couldn’t find the neck warmer among the extra pillows in the garage, I nearly wrote it off. But then I looked around a bit and studied the boxes we’ve yet to finish unpacking. I narrowed it down to the two boxes most likely to contain my treasure. And I nearly screamed when I opened the first box and there it was sitting right on top waiting for me. (Mama claims I did actually scream!)

Best of all, my lucky find completely helped rehabilitate my poor neck today.

So today’s #OneGoodThing was a lucky find just when I needed it!

Day 25 of 366.


5 thoughts on “A Lucky Find

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