Abby starts rehab

IMG_2715No, it isn’t for her kibble addiction. And Abby is no drug addict. She started hydrotherapy rehab at the vet today to treat her injured knee. She tore her cruciate (like a ligament, apparently) earlier this month.

Walking on the underwater treadmill is like physical therapy. It’s supposed to help build muscle around the injury while reducing the weight on the joint.

At first, she was a bit freaked out as the tank began to fill with water. Notice the huge bug eyes? But she soon got the hang of it and didn’t seem to mind the warm water. Abby even managed 3 minutes on the underwater treadmill! Her vet was impressed with her progress and very kind.

Everyone at the vet clinic loved Abby and they gave her an adorable red scarf at the end, which reads: “I woof you!”

Today’s #OneGoodThing was the successful start of Abby’s rehab treatment!

Day 29 of 366.


10 thoughts on “Abby starts rehab

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