My first SOLO jab!

PA SI congratsA couple of days ago I learned how to jab myself with a needle, but today was the big day for my first solo injection.

Besides moving past the fear, the hardest part was piercing my own skin with the needle. Hopefully, as I do it more often, I’ll get more comfortable and be able to relax my muscle better for the injection.

I shared today’s personal triumph with my online Pernicious Anemia support group and one of the moderators sent this cute congratulations meme with a cartoon needle filled with B12 (it’s bright red)! I was very touched.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was giving myself an injection all on my own — and the feeling of control it gave me over my chronic illness! Now, fingers crossed that giving myself more frequent injections actually quashes the terrible symptoms!!!

Day 98 of 366.



9 thoughts on “My first SOLO jab!

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